Ristorante La Perla
by Teodoro Luciano Amadori
Typical Sardinian cuisine and seafaring food, pizzas cooked in a wood oven
Tel. +39 0784 861304
08020 Loc. Limpiddu
Budoni (Ot) . Sardegna
Email. info@ristorantelaperla.it

The La perla Restaurant is located in the territory of Limpiddu (Budoni) and is easily reached
via the S.S. 131 South or crossing the town of Budoni North.

Ristorante La Perla
di Teodoro Luciano Amadori
Loc. Limpiddu . 08020 Budoni (Ot) Sardegna
+39 0784 861304
Email. info@ristorantelaperla.it
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