The food of La Perla restaurant is distinguished by the numerous national and international dishes, the grilled
fresh fish (the sea is just 800 meters away) and the typical Sardinian menu proposed by reservation,
in addition to pizzas cooked in a wood oven. The spacious garden provides seasonal outdoor tasting, accompanied by a large wine list.

The flagship menu by La Perla restaurant are the Sardinian fregola with clams, pasta with seafood,
mixed grill with
fresh fish.
The catch is also proposed salt encrusted while real strength are the delicious tasting of seafaring appetizers “La Perla”:
6/7 sea tastings including lobster Catalan style, the seafood salad with potatoes, Prawn tails with vegetables, tuna carpaccio, monkfish.
Burrida stands out among the hot appetizers. It’s a dish prepared with dogfish worked with walnuts, pine nuts, vinegar and fish livers.

Sardinian dinner consists of a menu with typical Sardinian appetizers (salami and cheese),
a tasting of
ravioli, malloreddus, gallurese soup and pane frattau. The roasted meat is the triumph of the second courses: Sardinian suckling pig and lamb cutlets.
Finally the seadas for dessert.
Ristorante La Perla
di Teodoro Luciano Amadori
Loc. Limpiddu . 08020 Budoni (Ot) Sardegna
+39 0784 861304
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