“Return to Budoni was nice because I brought in my country the culinary innovation.
At the time many guests of my restaurant in Porto Rotondo followed me and so they become loyal customers.
Some of them go back even today, after more than twenty years.
Every time is a lovely emotion and I'm pleased to think that we offer the familiarity of a historical restaurant. La Perla is not a sophisticated place, but here you can find an intimate atmosphere and enjoy world-class cuisine. ”
Teodoro Luciano Amadori

La Perla Restaurant overlooks the East coast of Sardinia, in a unique area for its beaches and its flora. With two elegant banqueting-halls and embellished by a large garden, the restaurant is a popular benchmark for every
taste and season.
The quality of his raw materials is its main strength.
La Perla is the dream of Teodoro Luciano Amadori, owner
with international experience in the catering sector, who in 1994 imported Italian culinary excellence learned over the years to add it to the tradition of his land.

La Perla is open year-round offering specialities inspired by the Sardinian food tradition and seafaring food.
La Perla is also a pizza-restaurant and it offers catering service for receptions and banquets.
The typical Sardinian dinner is available upon request.
The anniversary of the
La Perla Restaurant is the 1 April 1994.
Ristorante La Perla
di Teodoro Luciano Amadori
Loc. Limpiddu . 08020 Budoni (Ot) Sardegna
+39 0784 861304
Email. info@ristorantelaperla.it
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